Our program mission is to create a healthy, happy and safe child care environment based upon positive reinforcement and respect. 

All programming within Leap N Learn Child Care is designed to meet one or more of the following goals:

  • Create an environment that encourages the desire for the learning process.
  • Provide a physically and emotionally safe environment
  • Exposure to varied learning styles and opportunities
  • Encourage observation, questions and answers
  • Provide opportunities for self-expression
  • Provide responsive, receptive and positive adult interaction

Teach respect for self and others.

  • Role model appropriate behavior 
  • Encourage manners
  • Encourage progressive self-help skills
  • Provide opportunities to work in small and large groups
  • Sharing and turn-taking

Provide developmentally appropriate learning opportunities to stimulate  and encourage fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, social   emotional development and other learning skills.



Leap N Learn Child Care Center is dedicated to providing high- quality child acre for children ages 6 weeks to school aged in a safe, clean, caring, center-based environment.  Leap N Learn Child Care Centers are continually committed to strive for and maintaining outstanding exemplary program standards.

Leap N Learn will pursue this commitment by providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum, which meets the developing social, emotional, cognitive, creative, linguistic and physical needs of each child by using an integrated approach.

Our center will promote positive feelings of self- worth by emphasizing a peaceful environment.  We will guide children to develop skills necessary to learn, think divergently, to negotiate conflicts, and become culturally sensitive.  Our experienced and loving staff design fun and enriching activities appropriate for your child's age and skill levels.

In addition to music, crafts and story time, your child will enjoy sensory tables, playground equipment and more.  Along with learning new skills, he or she will have the opportunity to socialize with other children of the same age and, of course, play!

Each child comes to us with a unique personality and potential for growth.  Leap N Learn develops trust with a caring attitude which, combined with professional expertise, allows us to understand each child's stage of development

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